The International Center for Countering Cybercrime (ICCC) is an independent, international, nonprofit, scientific expert public association created to protect the interests of civil society, state institutions and businesses in the digital economy and cyber security.



  1. The debureaucratization of the digital economy and cyber security.
  2. Formation and development of a transparent ecosystem of the digital economy at the national and international levels.
  3. Construction of an effective system of state level, in the field of cyber security.
  4. Development and implementation at the legislative level, of the regulated model of private-public partnership in the areas of digital economy and cyber security.
  5. Increase the level of digital literacy and citizen confidence.




The experts of the "International Center for Countering Cybercrime" were provided with qualified assistance to the leadership of the Kyiv University of Boris Grinchenko ", is regarding the organization of the opening of the Department of Information and Cybernetics. A Memorandum on Cooperation with the "Kyiv University of Boris Grinchenko " was signed.


At the initiative of the "International Center for Countering Cybercrime", together with the "National Institute for Strategic Studies", representatives of state institutions and businesses created a "National Civic Platform in Cyber security".


There is a launching of cooperation with "International Institute of Contemporary Knowledge" ("IICK") and "DS Corp", development and implementation of joint research and education programs.


Development of strategic partnership with the USA, obtaining the official legal status is "International Center for Countering Cybercrime" (NGO "ICCC").


There is an active participation of experts of the Center for Countering Cybercrime in the writing of the National Strategy on Cyber ​​Security.


To create the initiative group - Center for Countering Cybercrime, first consultations on cyber-crime issues.