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Cybersault on Independence Day: how to insure and who is responsible?

While the country is busily discussing who eats more - Germans or Ukrainians - the progressive world is breaking their head over artificial intelligence, blockade technology and cyber security. Ukraine has all the chances to sleep behind these empty discussions. But this is not the forecasts of "British scientists", but the reality is approaching

Will Russian resources in Ukraine really block?


Why block Russian resources, and what consequences can it cause? In the studio Alexei Komar is a President of the International Center for Countering Cybercrime.

In Ukraine, want to register mobile subscribers: the reaction of mobile operators


Control or order - what are the registrations associated with subscribers. Report by Alexei Komar, an expert in the field of e-government and cyber security, President of the Center for Countering Cybercrime

On the shortcomings and prospects of the E-declaration system


What are the disadvantages and problems in the current E-declaration system? How can this system become the most progressive in the world of declaration?

InformNapalm: We "beat" where the enemy does not expect


Why again there were problems of cyber security of Ukraine. Have we become a test site for cyber weapons for the whole world?

Expert on large-scale virus attack "Petya.A": Ukraine is not ready for cyber attacks


Alexei Komar, an expert in the field of e-government and cyber security, the president of the International Center for Countering Cybercrime, told about the PETYA.A virus attack. Why the security threat to the cyberspace of Ukraine?

The social and personal cybercrime of man: the requirement or challenge of the present?


Center for Countering Cybercrime. Report by the president of the organization O. Komar. What are the projects that are being developed and why ICCC can become the basis of cyber security in Ukraine?

The cyber security market in Ukraine is $ 1 billion a year


What factors cover cyber security, and why for a proper functioning of the system needs about 1 billion dollars a year?

What is informational hygiene and how to protect yourself from cyber-attacks? | Aleksey KOMAR


What are the basic principles for protecting your virtual space? Information hygiene and its main precepts from the best cyber security expert and president of the International Association ICCC Alexei Komar.

Registration of subscribers of mobile communication will facilitate access to e-services

Registration of subscribers of mobile communication is necessary for national security. This was on air "Channel 5" told an expert in the field of e-government and cyber security, the president of the International Center for Countering Cybercrime Alexei Komar. "Initiatives are needed first and foremost for monitoring, primarily for the warning, prevention of certain crimes.

Oleg Berezyuk and Oleksiy Komar about the situation in Ukraine

Anniversary of events that took place under the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on August 31, 2015. Investigation of the tragedy in Kryvyi Ozer in Nikolaev. Will the police be punished? The Minister of Justice expressed confidence in launching an electronic declaration from September 1. On the air of TRK Kyiv, the Chairman of the Ukrainian Law Society Oleg Berezyuk and expert in the field of e-governance and cyber security Alexei Komar give comments on this issue. de the society for pros and cons," he said.

The first step to cybersecurity

On Tuesday, parliament considered a number of bills on informatization in the first reading. The first of them - about electronic communications - was failed. Accordingly, draft amendments to the Budget and Customs Codes for electronic communications were not considered. However, there were positive news. The deputies also adopted draft laws on electronic trust services, as well as amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on information processing in cloud computing systems. And what is very important - the bill on the basic principles of ensuring the cyber security of Ukraine was adopted as a basis

The third maydan may be a cybermaydan


Will the third maydan be through the Internet? An expert on cybersecurity Oleksiy Komar spoke about the forecasts for the future of virtual security in Ukraine

Security of Ukrainian cyberspace


Oleksiy Komar, President of the International Center for Countering Cybercrime, is on the air of the Espero channel. What will happen to the Ukrainian cyberspace, after attacking the sites of the Ministry of Finance and the state. Treasury of Ukraine? Is the state capable of resisting cyber-attacks of intruders?

Alexei Komar: The third Maidan will be held, and for this it will not be necessary to go out into the street


The guest of the studio NewsOne is Oleksii Komar, an expert in e-government and cyber security. We are talking about the possible deprivation of scholarship students and the problems of introducing electronic declarations. Will the students protest against the decision?